Security desks need to get smarter with managing visitors

With e-commerce deliveries on the rise, and only projected to grow exponentially in the coming years, it is high time that security guards be given the right tools to meet this challenge.

On an average, communities have seen daily visitor volumes rise by 2.5-3.5 times  post pandemic. Whereas security guards are still following conventional methods of noting down information in a notebook, while the lobby piles up with delivery riders, guests, nannies, cooks etc. Undoubtedly, It’s hard to be a guard.

Visitors are also not all of the same type, you have repeat visitors who happen to visit one premises multiple times a day or a week, and then there are those who are just one time visitors. Irrespective of visitor volumes, the number of security personnel on site will stay the same, and using a pen-paper system to log in details is not just inefficient, but stressful for the guard as well. Often, the information recorded in these logs is riddled with errors, which makes noting down visitor information an unnecessary step in the first place.

With LIVO, the future is digital.

Security guards are often the unsung heroes in almost every community, and offering them a little on the job convenience can go a long way in ensuring that they stay motivated and keep stress at bay.

Security notebooks must be replaced with smart systems that make operations much more convenient without compromising on security. Hence at LIVO, the product is built in mind with convenience and enhanced security at the forefront.

  1. End to end digital process – With modern technology, it is possible to capture information, scan ID cards and verify validity of information all in 1 step. Security guards using the LIVO app are able to do just that and have been able to reduce visitor check-in time down to a whopping 10 seconds!
  2. Completely hardware independent – Hardware based scanning platforms are powerful, but LIVO’s fully app-based scanning solution has the benefit of mobility, and can also scan softcopy as well as hardcopy ID documents with a 99.9% accuracy metric.
  3. Scan different types of ID documents – Hardware based scanners cannot scan passports and driver’s licence as they do not feature a readable chip. LIVO features the ability to read Emirates IDs and passports as well.
  4. Resident Involvement – Pre-approving visitors from the residents end can help avoid hassle at the security desk and give residents greater control over visitors entering the building. 
  5. Better than an intercom– Intercom systems only work when the resident is home. Often visitors are left waiting in the lobby wit (to be expounded)

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