Frequently asked questions

Security Guard App

Visitor management solution is the need of the hour. Current residential community infra wasn’t optimized for the rise in e-commerce. Communities/buildings have seen 2-2.5x increase in visitor volumes since early 2020.

This volume is expected to double in the next 2 years. Managing such a huge influx of visitors will require moving away from the pen and paper model. We need an efficient and a secure way to handle this.

LIVO is 100% committed to solving this problem. Our aim is help you achieve 2 things: –

  •       Ensure shortest visitor check-in time at reception thereby reducing manpower time.
  •       Uphold high security standards while making it convenient for everyone including residents, visitors and security guards.

LIVO’s visitor management solution includes an android security guard app and an iOS/Android resident app.

Absolutely yes, the LIVO Security Guard application may be used as a standalone application. In cases where residents have all installed the application approval is given by them. In absence of that, the security guard can also directly choose to approve the entry request.

We use OCR and MRZ based scanning systems to ensure much faster ID scanning. LIVO’s guard app has inbuilt scanning and image upload functionality which allows you to quickly scan an ID via your mobile phone camera. No additional hardware required!

We support Passport and UAE Emirates ID (Old and new format) scanning.

LIVO’s solution can scan soft copies as well as hard copies of ID cards. In cases where the visitor has neither, LIVO gives the option to allow visitors with or without an ID card, based on the standard operating procedure as laid down by the building management.

A 4-Digit passcode can be generated from the resident app to invite guests or frequent visitors like cooks, nanny and cleaners. The visitor needs to share the passcode with the security guard and is automatically given entry. Check-in via passcode is very fast as security guards don’t need to enter the name, phone number, they might just have to ask for the ID card.

The passcode may be single use or multi-use depending on the duration selected by the resident. The multi-use passcode expires post the end date/time of pre-approval.

All data is stored on a secure AWS web server with all the international standards of security in place.

LIVO is GDPR compliant. Only the community manager and the individual resident has access to data.

In case a resident has downloaded the LIVO app but has not approved an unexpected visitor, the security guard still has the option to approve or deny the entry after doing his due diligence.

Resident App

Simply download the LIVO app and use the “add visitor” section on the top-left corner on your LIVO Resident app’s home page. Select the visitor category and follow the steps on your screen to approve their visit in advance.

The LIVO app has a “Duration” feature that accounts for delayed arrivals. A visit approval can be extended by a fixed number of hours from the expected time of visit.

“Expected by” refers to the time by which a visitor is expected to arrive. Duration helps us account for the buffer in case you as a resident are not aware of the exact time that the person will come. The visitor will be pre-approved visitor for “expected by time” {lets say 11:30 am} plus duration {2 hrs}, which means he will be a valid pre-approved visitor till 1:30 pm.

If you reject the visitor, they will be denied entry by the security guard.

You can tap on the “View all” link on your homepage under the visitor section to view all the visitors to your apartment. You may also filter visitors based on date or category.

If you haven’t raised an invite, your visitor will have to give their details to the guard who will update it in the app and raise a request for you to approve.

If you aren’t home, you will still get a notification on your app. The guards will allow the visitor once you have approved the request from your resident app.

You can raise a request through the LIVO’s resident app prior to their visit. A 4-digit passcode is triggered to the visitor, which they can then provide to the security and enter the premises.

Reach out to us on or WhatsApp us on +971585302469 and we will be happy to assist you.